Cleaning Carpets Better with Fast Dry Technology

Cleaning Carpets Better with Fast Dry Technology



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We are a 
full service company specializing in carpet cleaning of all types.  Our revolutionary method of cleaning has people all over Des Moines, Ames, Newton, Grinnell and Marshalltown talking!

Do you love a freshly cleaned carpet?  Maybe it’s been a while?? Well get ready for something new, unique and a whole lot better!


Customer Satisfaction: Yes, we want lots and lots of happy customers, that is why we always follow up with our clients to ensure the job was done right. We don’t want to get in and get out just to make a quick buck. We would rather take our time and go the extra mile to earn your business for life.

The NewWay-DryWay System:  This is something you won’t typically find in our industry. We don’t use the standard soak and suck method. Our cleaning system uses agitation and dwell time to make sure the cleaning agents are covering all sides of every carpet fiber 

The FASTEST Drying Times:  Most people don’t realize that the faster a carpet dries, the longer it will stay clean. This is because of “soil wiking” which brings dirt from the bottom of the carpet to surface. We won’t over wet your carpets ensuring that the carpet stays cleaner longer. The longer a carpet is wet the longer its breaking down the backing  in your carpet. Not to mention the mold and mildew issues that can arise if  a carpet is wet too long. With NewWay-DryWay  Its usually DRY BEFORE WE SAY GOODBYE 

Our modern carpet cleaning equipment is the last word in cutting-edge technology. It enables us to remove dirt and other materials from deep within carpet fibers. Not just the surface!


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